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Interactive workout overlays

Create professional virtual classes and on-demand workouts without spending hours in postproduction

Workout builder

Pre-build your workout with intuitive interval timer builder. Use our exеrcise library or import your favorite exercises directly from YouTube. If you need some fresh ideas you can also use our free and tested workouts library.

Interactive overlays

Interval timer, Exercise names, Modifications and Reps you get a ton of valuable information directly overlayed on top of your web camera video. You can send this image to ZOOM, WEBEX, JITSI or just record for On-Demand puposes.

Remote control

TrenerSync is remote control and autocue for your workout. You know exactly where you are and you never miss a beat. Pause, Skip, Rewind, Add - you can do anything live and your trainees will see it on the their screens.


Interval timer, Autocue and Remote control

1. Build your workout

Pre-build your workout with intuitive hiit builder. Use our exеrcise library or import your favorite exercises directly from YouTube. If you want to quick start - you can select some of our evergreen workouts preloaded in the builder.

2. Generate code

Unique workouts get stamped with unique UIN CODE. To access the workout with your phone or tablet you need to load the web page http://trenergo.com/remote, enter the code and hit the start button.

3. Control remotely and follow cues

When you gain access to your workout you will see the mobile remote and workout overlays ready to go. You'll be able to Pause, Skip or Reset intervals and toggle between PT and GT mode. Your remote is synchronized with your live workout so you don't need to walk forth and back to the laptop.

GT and VT Scenes

Train along with the class or just give verbal feedback

With TrenerGo Studio you can be "the engine" of your class and perform all the exercises yourself or you can save some energy while giving verbal feedback to your clients posture and performance. Toggling between the Group Trainer (GT) and Virtual Trainer (VT) scene mode gives you quick and easy alternative while you teach the same workout.

New to virtual teaching?

We got your back!

Master all the skills you need for broadcasting and recording your workouts professionally with OBS studio

Team and Story

We believe in online training!

Ivan Germanov

Founder and CEO

Ivan is group and personal trainer with more than 15 years experience in teaching sports and healthy life style.

Dimitar Petkov

Co-founder and CTO

Dimitar is developer with lots of experience in developing desktop and mobile apps but his true passion is being active and healthy!

Our story

TrenerGo® is startup created by two Bulgarian trainers - Ivan Germanov and Dimitar Petkov.

We were both teaching group classes for years when the Covid crisis struck. Overnight from face-to-face trainers we had to become online video content creators. Luckily we were looking into remote training even before it became "a thing" and TrenerGo® was already in motion!

In 2020 we graduated one of the biggest pre-seed accelerators in the world - Founder Institute and we were ready for a journey. It took some time and persistence but after knocking on many doors we managed to get the initial investment for our project. Now we are thrilled we can bring to life TrenerGo Studio® and share it with you!

Get started today with a free 30-day trial.

Frequently asked questions

If you don't find your answer here don't hesitate to ask! Just use the chat head in the down left corner and send us a message!

Do you have apps for iPhone and Android?

For now TrenerGo Studio is dedicated to web use. In feature we plan to create dedicated apps for our service but right now we focus on the best version for web use. TrenerSync however is a responsive web page created to be used with a mobile phone.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

Yes we do. Our software is still young and we are very flixible in tearms of development colaboration and contracts with bigger clients where we can offer exclusive services and pricing.

What support is included?

We offer tech support via chat and email as well as video for those in need of more specific help. Additionally for our paying customer we offer free on demand courses on all topics related to online training.

What is your refund policy?

We offer 30 day free trial without a credit card. After subscribing we offer 50% refund only on the quarterly plan if used less than a month. You keep your premium profile until the 31 day from initial payment.

Do you offer affiliation?

Yes, we have exclusive offers for everyone willing to support our journey and become our ambassador. We believe world is better when you share it with friends and we can all win the game of life only by helping each other!

What 3rd party apps can I integrate?

For this moment we have direct integration with YouTube and you can use your exercise videos in our software. In future we are looking into integrating MyFitnessPal, Elite HRV, Google Health, Strava, ect..


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